Safety & Security
Volunteer Specifics
The best chance someone may have to personally see God is to get a close up look at the people who follow God.
It’s not possible to anticipate all situations that could arise in ministry, or provide information that answers every possible question. The church reserves the right to modify, supplement, rescind, or revise any policy or provision, with or without notice, as necessary or appropriate. However, at all times the church will comply with all applicable laws.

Background Checks

Volunteers at SVCC Kids must submit to various screening procedures. The primary type of background check includes a U.S. Criminal Record Indicator database search and a social security number search. This check searches electronic criminal files and record databases of government agencies, including sexual offenders’ registries. Some manual record may also be needed in states or counties that don’t keep electronic records. A social security number search verifies an individual’s name, state, and previous addresses. This prevents people from providing false identification

The results of all screening procedures are kept in strictest confidence. Individuals who have been arrested for, charged with, are on probation for, or have been convicted of sexually oriented crimes cannot serve in any area of SVCC Kids. SVCC will rely on truthful answers of its reference checks and volunteers (based on the background check form) for this information.


Volunteers will, to the best of their ability, ensure confidentiality and privacy when it comes to the history, records, and conversations about the people SVCC kids serves.

Mission Fit

SVCC Kids seeks to recruit volunteers for ministry positions according to their skills, abilities, talents, experiences, and spiritual gifts. We desire your ministry in SVCC to be faithful stewardship to the gifts God has given you.


SVCC Kids is committed to providing an environment free of any of the following forms of harassment: sexual, race, physical or mental disability, marital status, age, and sex. We will not tolerate such harassment on the part of the staff, volunteers, or children.

Violent Behavior

SVCC kids has a zero tolerance for violence. Of a volunteer discusses, threatens or displays violence, he or she will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, including verbal or written warnings, a meeting with a pastor or staff member, or termination, depending upon the circumstances. In addition, the volunteer may be subject to criminal proceedings, as appropriate.


Often discipline can be handled by redirecting the child to a more constructive use of time and energy. When “discipline” is necessary, all interaction will carefully consider a child’s integrity and fragility. All children will be treated with gentleness, respect, and understanding. Physical punishment will never be used. Using physical restraint to prevent a child from doing something disruptive or dangerous is permitted and may, in some instances, be necessary.

Youth Age Requirements

4th-5th grade students can serve in a room with their parent if they have met with a ministry leader for serving approval and to receive training, and if their parent is present with them each time they serve. The parent must complete a background check, volunteer application, and the room training process

6th grade and older students can serve in a room without their parent if they are 6th grade or older and have met with a ministry leader for serving approval, received training, and filled out a youth leader application.

Dress Code

Dressing appropriately in SVCC Kids means being dressed in way that makes active movement in the room comfortable, including sitting and moving on the floor.

  • ‍Short shorts, miniskirts, and dresses that fall above the knee are unacceptable (unless you are wearing leggings underneath)
  • NO spaghetti strap tank tops
  • Tops/shirts that reveal your stomach when reaching your hands above your head are unacceptable (practice at home)
  • Tops/shirts that reveal your chest when bending over are unacceptable (practice at home)
  • Sleeveless shirts are acceptable when bra and/or bra straps are not visible
  • Pajamas and slippers or leggings without a long top that covers your bottom area are not acceptable for working in SVCC kids programs

Getting a Sub

Follow this chart if you are unable to serve in your scheduled position: