Ministry & Protocol
Tiny Town, Infant & Toddler Ministry
When kids grow up believing they are made by God, they will grow up wanting to know the God who made them.
The Infant and Toddler ministry is a special time in a child’s life when many parents leave their children for the first time. Infant/Toddler leaders are able to share Jesus by the way they pray for, sing to and care for children. Leaders are also encouraged to minister to parents by building relationships with them and providing a welcoming and reassuring environment for kids.

Some things to consider as you lead and care for parents and their children

  • Parents want to know- is it safe? Is it clean? Is it welcoming?
  • Tiny Town at SVCC may be one of the few places (if not only) that the child is left in the care of others.
  • As leaders you have the opportunity to develop relationships that can enhance parenting.
  • Often the Infant and Toddler experience will set the tone for the child’s relationship with the church long term.
  • Tiny Town may be the introduction of prayer and worship songs in a child’s life.
  • Parents appreciate when you give the details specific to their child and enjoy hearing positive feedback about their child at pick up.

While every Sunday may feel a little different here are some things to expect:

  • At check-in, ask parents for special instructions for their child.
  • Please label bottles, diaper bags,and other personal items. You can use the attendance roster sheet to write any notes. This opportunity allows you to reassure parents their child is in a safe environment and answer any (and all) questions they have.
  • In all rooms, you are encouraged to play, pray and sing with children.
  • In the Toddler room, we encourage slightly more structure by providing free time, snack and story time, and planned activities that support the three basic truths.
  • When you need to call a parent, please text your go-to team member and give them the child’s tag code.
  • When the parent picks up the child, be clear on why they were called. It may be appropriate to problem solve with parents on what to do in order to keep the child through the remainder of the service.
  • At pick up, greet the parents with a smile. Share one or two things their child did that morning. If you have a relationship with the parents, ask if they have a specific prayer you can pray for during the week.