Ministry & Protocol
Preschool Protocol

Preschool Rules

1. Be Safe

Walk, keep your hands/feet/body to yourself and use toys for playing, not throwing!

2. Be Kind

Use nice words, say please and thank you, share and take turns with your friends!

3. Have Fun!

Try something new, smile and make a new friend!

Preschool Consequences

  1. ‍Warning
  2. Redirect/take a break/loss of privilege
  3. Call Go-To Team Member
  4. Call parents from church

Diapering Procedures

  • ‍Only female volunteers that have completed a background check are allowed to change diapers.
  • Children 2 years old and older are to have their diapers changed by a parent.
  • Diapers are only to be changed at a diapering station.
  • Always use new gloves and a fresh, disposable changing pad.
  • Keep one hand on the child at all times
  • Place soiled diapers into the trash can close to the changing pad and wash hands after.
  • Wipe down the diapering station with sanitizing spray.

SVCC staff and volunteers are NOT allowed to apply any ointment, powder or cream of any type to children.

Soiled Clothes

Using gloves, remove the soiled clothes and place in a disposable bag and label with the child’s name. Check to see if the child has any extra clothes. If not, please contact your Go-To Team Member and give them the child’s tag code to notify the parent.