Ministry & Protocol
K-5th Protocol

K-5th Rules

Respect God

Show a good attitude in class, listen to leaders, and cooperate.

Respect Others/Self

Obey your leader, be quiet and listen at Large Group, keep your hand to yourself, do not call names, be nice to those around you.

Respect Property

Take care of the Toys and supplies in the room, do not intentionally damage things, use writing utensils properly.

Have Fun!

When we follow these rules and expectations, we can learn safely, love others well and have a great time learning in our classes.

K-5th Consequences

  • Warning by your leader
  • Call K-5th Grade Coordinator
  • Call parents from church

**At our discretion we will ask a parent to either speak with a child and return the child to class, or to completely remove the child from class.**