Safety & Security
Medical, Safety & Secuity
When we first create a safe place we can then leverage our ability to introduce kids to the gospel theory.
We strive to create environments where kids learn about Jesus, are welcomed and safe, and build relationships with friends and their leaders.

Helpful Tips

  • Most of the time, an “owie” can be treated easily and quickly. First Aid Kits with basic medical supplies are available in each room in the cupboard marked “First Aid” symbol.
  • If a child is more severely injured, please radio the Go-To Team Member immediately. The Go-To Team Member will page a parent/guardian if necessary and fill out an incident report.
  • No medication will be administered to a child under our care unless it is a medical emergency such as an epinephrine pen or ambulance personnel called for an emergency.

Communicable Diseases

Anyone who has a known communicable disease won’t be admitted into activities or rooms where the disease could be communicated to others who aren’t infected. If an individual suspects that a child has an infectious disease the informed person should notify the staff in a confidential manner and we will guide you inappropriate next steps.

Well Child Guidelines

Children must be symptom free from cold or flu for a minimum of 24 hours.

Children with the following symptoms cannot be left in our care:
  • Yellow/green runny nose
  • Elevated fever during the past 48 hours (99.6 or above and without the use of fever reducing medication) and experiencing symptoms of diarrhea and/or vomiting
  • Eye drainage or infection
  • Contagious rash and  specifically an open wound caused from scratching
  • Persistent coughing or sneezing that is not allergy-related
  • Exhibiting signs of a contagious health condition such as lice, croup, or chicken pox

** if any of these symptoms become apparent while the child is at SVCC, the parent will be asked to pick up the child.**

Appropriate Touch

  • ‍An arm around a shoulder or walking hand in hand
  • Carrying small children
  • Lap sitting is only appropriate for a child one and under (if an older child wants to sit on your lap, encourage them to sit next to you)
  • Short Congratulatory or greeting hugs (preferably give a side to side hug)
  • Brief, assuring pat on the back or shoulder
  • Handshakes, high fives, and fist bumps

Inappropriate Touch

  • ‍Don’t touch a child in anger or disgust
  • Don’t touch a child in a manner that may be construed as sexually aggressive
  • Don’t kiss a child
  • Don’t touch a child across the chest or below the waist (except as necessary during diaper changes)

**Note that this is for the protection of both children and volunteers. Please observe these policies even with your own children when serving as a volunteer.*


A lockdown means all doors to rooms, Kidstown, or any area occupied by children will be locked to prevent an intruder from entering. Steps for lockdown are as follows:

  • Shut and lock room door–doors are stay in locked position and propped open for parent access on Sunday mornings. This allows the ability to quickly shut the door and have it locked if needed.
  • Turn off light and cover room window with blinds.
  • Move everyone in the room away from doors and windows and be as quiet as possible.
  • Doors are to remain locked until the security or go to leader gives an “all-clear” signal by entering your room.


Evacuation occurs in conjunction with evacuation of the entire building. Triggers for evacuation are either the fire alarm sounding, as instructed by Go-To Team Member, or are deemed appropriate by room leaders. Steps for evacuation are as follows:

  • Grab the evacuation radio and Attendance Roster from your classroom.
  • Take the children through the hallway and down the stairs to the parking lot.
  • If you can spare a leader from your room, send someone to assist with the infant/toddler rooms.

Missing Child

In the event that a child is missing, immediately notify a security team or Go-To Team Member using your radio.

Media Response

In the event of a severe accident, incident or death, it is likely that the media will be on site to cover the incident. It is important that all volunteers do not say anything that could be mistaken or misquoted by the interviewer. The Campus Pastor or Children’s Pastor or their designee shall be the only person to make any statement.