Safety & Security
Capacities & Ratios
On average, a 4 year old asks 437 questions per day.
We strive to create environments where kids learn about Jesus, are welcomed and safe, and build relationships with friends and their leaders. In order to do this, SVCC Kids upholds pre-determined ratios and capacities in the following rooms.

Class                                    Ratio

Infants                                1:2

Toddlers                            1:3

Twos                                   1:5

Threes                                1:5

PreK(4-TK)                        1:7

**K-5THgrade has a suggested ratio of 1:10**

If your room reaches capacity, place the “Full” sign on your hallway door. A Go-To Team Member will come to assistyou and speak to the waiting parents. The room will not receive any morechildren and families will be given the opportunity to sit in our Family Viewing Room in Room 110.