Check In & Out


  • Always remember the “two leaders” rule. Please do not receive kids into your room until two leaders are present. If your co-leader has not arrived, please ask a team member to assist you.
  • Write down the first and the last name of the child, their tag code, and any allergy information on the attendance roster. Children must have a name tag to be checked into their room.
  • Invite kids into the room by giving them something to do or find them a buddy to help them feel more comfortable.


  • At checkout, it is mandatory that you match the children’s nametag numbers with that of the adults parent receipt when picking them up.
  • Please do not dismiss any child without the matching parent receipt, even if you know the family.
  • If the parent does not have the matching parent receipt, please send them to Kids Town Check-In area to get a new parent receipt.